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Backup Tape Media & Labelling

Tape backup is still considered the most cost effective storage technology. Given the growing importance of archives, and long term archive tape media is continuing to play it's part and more.

Tape backup archiving is the most impactful way to alleviate overall storage costs, which today, consume up to 70% of IT hardware budgets. Organizations are pressured to build reliable and auditable archive practices to meet regulatory requirements. Tape provides many essential operational benefits to a data protection system, perhaps some that have been taken for granted. Tape allows data that’s been replicated to a remote site to be restored easily, without a complex and expensive infrastructure. It provides complete, additional, physical copies of data, inexpensively. These copies support regulatory compliance, data versioning and provide simple redundancy.

For most companies, eliminating tape does NOT make sense. And for these reasons, many actually see tape’s role expanding in their data infrastructure.

We continue this process in our supply of all Tape media, fully labeled if required.

Addtion Int supply the full range of back up media, from legacy AIT, DLT, LTO, DAT and enterprise media 9840/9940 to the current LTO7 generation (2.5 to 1) for all the major brands all with full manufacturers guarantees.

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Covering all data levels from Restricted to Top Secret; for small office users to corporate, securing your documents on an online secure environment with  destruction of paper with full certification.


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