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We can provide all your tape requirements including LTO-7 which launched last month.

LTO-7 offers additional capacity (up to 6.4TB uncompressed), allowing you to maximise the amount of data stored per square foot of data centre. An enhanced data rate of up to 315 MB/second provides a performance increase of up to 97% when compared with LTO-6. LTO-7 tape drive technology has doubled the head channel count from 16 to 32, providing a much higher data rate with reduction of around 50% to read or write a full tape.

For full specifications please read our earlier more in depth article ... Tape moves up a gear

Addition International Challenges Companies to Spend Wisely

UK showing higher than average IT budget growth

IT budgets are expected to increase for nearly 40% of UK organisations, making the UK the No. 1 region globally for IT budget growth, new service management research recently published by Service management provider Axios Systems in partnership with one of Europe’s leading business schools, reveals.

When IT departments are recognised as positive contributors of business efficiencies, they’re more likely to get support and resources to drive business innovation further.

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Tape Moves up a Gear

Work with Addition International to provide all your Tape requirements from legacy to today LTO7

More capacity

As your data grows you can maintain or reduce your existing footprint with Addition Int industry-leading storage density and LTO-7’s greater storage capacity. The additional capacity offered by LTO-7, now up to 6.4 TB uncompressed, means that incredible density lets you maximise the amount of data that can be stored per square foot of expensive data center real estate and co location offerings.

Better Performance 

LTO-7’s enhanced data rate, now up to 315 MB/sec, provides a performance increase up to 97% when compared to LTO-6. This performance boost translates into the need for less tape drives to do the same amount of work.

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Long Term Achiving of Digital Data

For long-term archiving of many terra & petabytes of digital data growing from 1PB to more than 28 PBs over 9 years:

(1) The TCO (including equipment, media, maintenance, energy and floor space) of the average disk-based solution costs 26 times the TCO of the average tape-based solution. Tape costs about $1.5M while disk costs about $38.5M

(2) The cost of energy alone for the average disk-based solution exceeds the entire TCO for the average tape-based solution. Energy for tape costs about $47K while disk costs about $4.9M, about 105 times

(3) Disk required about 4 times the floor space of tape. Thus, the more data preserved on tape, the lower the overall TCO. With 50% on tape, the TCO is reduced by 48%. With 90% on tape, the TCO is reduced by 87%.

You probably need both disk and tape, in an appropriate mix for your business. contact us to find out why.

Source: The Clipper Group

Windows XP support to cease

Windows XP support to cease April 8 th 2014, talk to Addition Int for help and advice (Oct 2012)

Addition Int latest's accounts available

Addition Int latest's accounts available at Companies House (Sept 2012)


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