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Tape Moves up a Gear

Work with Addition International to provide all your Tape requirements from legacy to today LTO7

More capacity

As your data grows you can maintain or reduce your existing footprint with Addition Int industry-leading storage density and LTO-7’s greater storage capacity. The additional capacity offered by LTO-7, now up to 6.4 TB uncompressed, means that incredible density lets you maximise the amount of data that can be stored per square foot of expensive data center real estate and co location offerings.

Better Performance 

LTO-7’s enhanced data rate, now up to 315 MB/sec, provides a performance increase up to 97% when compared to LTO-6. This performance boost translates into the need for less tape drives to do the same amount of work.

Higher Reliability

LTO-7 tape drive technology increases the tape head channel count from 16 to 32, respectively. This increase in the number of channels provides a much higher data rate, a time reduction of approximately 50% to read or write a full tape, and reduced head wear means a longer lasting tape drive. In other words LTO-7 translates into higher reliability and better ROI for you.

LTO: The Industry Standard for Tape Technology

LTO tape technology is the only open, non-proprietary tape technology. Interchangeability of tape media and drives is guaranteed from all LTO manufacturers to allow freedom of choice for end users. With LTO technology you will experience the lowest cost, most energy efficient tape technology with ongoing advancements driven by high volume and competition.

LTO-7 Capacities and Tape Libraries

Commitment to tape by the LTO Consortium is underpinned by a recently updated LTO roadmap which now extends to a tenth generation of drives and media. Additionally, backwards compatibility to LTO-5 offers seamless migration and consolidation of data to higher capacity, better performance LTO-7 tape technology.

Specifications: Estimates for LTO-7 drives
(Based upon best available information)

  • Capacity: Up to 15-16 TB compressed 2.5:1 (6 to 6.4 TB native)
  • Data transfer rate: Up to 750 – 758 MB/s compressed (300 – 315 MB/s native)
  • Data compression: SLDC (LTO data compression per ECMA-321)
  • Data cartridge: LTO-7 (rewritable) LTO-7 Cleaning cartridge: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (UCC)
  • Backwards Compatibility: Read/write LTO-6 media. Reads LTO-5 media.
  • Interface: 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (auto-negotiates to 4Gb/s or 2 Gb/s); 6 Gb/s SAS (auto-negotiates to 3Gb/s).
  • Encryption: AES256-GCM (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard).

Estimated Reliability Specifications for LTO-7

  • Mean time between failures (MTBF): 250,000 hours at 100 percent duty cycle.
  • Mean swaps between failures (MSBF): 100,000 tape load/ unload cycles.

Estimated Power Dissipation Specifications

  • Full Height: 7.5W (idle, cartridge loaded), 27W (typical)
  • Half Height: 6.5W (idle cartridge loaded), 24W (typical)


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