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Addition International Challenges Companies to Spend Wisely

UK showing higher than average IT budget growth

IT budgets are expected to increase for nearly 40% of UK organisations, making the UK the No. 1 region globally for IT budget growth, new service management research recently published by Service management provider Axios Systems in partnership with one of Europe’s leading business schools, reveals.

When IT departments are recognised as positive contributors of business efficiencies, they’re more likely to get support and resources to drive business innovation further.

The finding is part of an industry-wide research paper on global service management trends, which highlights regional comparisons on IT budgets and IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity levels. The research also examines ITSM variations by industry and company size, and explores what these insights mean for companies with similar characteristics. Recommendations are provided to help organisations at all maturity levels discover ways to optimise their service management value.

Among the findings critical to enterprises based in the UK, the research also reveals that: 30% of UK organisations expect their IT budget to decrease, compared to nearly 50% in the United States and 31% globally; Nearly 80% of UK organisations have an ITSM maturity level of 3 or higher. This compares to just 66% of organisations worldwide having achieved similar ITSM sophistication.

Understanding where that budget should be spent, throws up a whole new debate. The critical part being a proportion must be delegated to the existing infrastructure and this is where Addtion Int makes sure that proportion is well spent, in Critical areas of IT destruction compliance, Tech cleaning, Technical re location programs and up to date back up media programs.

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