About Us

Providing unique services and products not available from traditional IT supplies companies. A single source of multiple skills, bringing a combination of IT and IT centric services that deliver.

About Addition International

Addition international was founded as a family business in 2008. We've survived a financial crash and a global pandemic. Retaining many long term clients and fostering productive relationships with new ones along the way, we are still going strong.

Our ethos of listening, learning and delivering what our client's need is adhered to throughout every aspect of our business.

We recognise that in a fast moving industry that is ever changing that you can't stand still. We aim to support your business by encouraging new ideas and embracing innovation. We actively seek ways for you to grow your business.

Addition International prides itself on being smart, secure and agile.

Meet the team

Our managing director, David Miller, has overseen the inner workings of large corporate companies and steered them to great success. He brings his wealth of experience and business knowledge to the fore in developing Addition Iternational as a great place to work and thrive.

Our business development director, Richard Miller, has worked through the ranks and experienced both the good and bad of our industry sector which has proved an invaluable learning experience. Richard now works across the business putting proposals to companies of all sizes to tackle their IT data requirements.

The team at Addition International is here to help. To guide you through the minefield of IT peripheral services.

A total information management service

We view our customers and our suppliers as part of our team. With shared goals, we work with you helping each other to succeed. Our service delivery is consistent and we look to be ethical and fair. We treat all our customers and employees with respect and they in turn respect and trust us to keep our word.

We aim to be different. We are constantly seeking new ways to grow our company and support you in the same. We actively encourage innovation. We are passionate about empowering people by creating open channels of communication and provide regular company updates.


Addition International Limited, 1 Camley Park Drive, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 6QF
Registered in England and Wales No 5984276


Tel: 01628 770621 Email: rmiller@additionint.com