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Backup Tape Media & Labeling

Tape Media Backup

Tape Media backup is still considered the most cost-effective storage technology for the growing amount of sensitive business data.

Tape media delivers reliability, cost, and security combined with compliance for long-term data retention and effectively meeting your archive needs, so that your data is not only secured from internal or external threats, but readily available and easily recoverable when needed.

The leading provider of all tape media format ... fully labelled if required

Addition International supply the full range of back up media, from legacy AIT, DLT, LTO, DAT and enterprise media 9840/9940 to the current LTO9 generation.

  • All Back Up Media
  • Full pre-Labelling facility
  • Fast secure delivery

Addition International work across all the major brands, all with full manufacturers guarantees.

Protecting your data in transit

Combine out tape back up with the Turtle Case range, the leading tape transit cases,  to protect your stored media tapes from damage, shock/impact, debris from foreign contaminants and temperature/humidity extremes. while in transit to offsite tape storage facilities.

Let Addition International be effective in your tape storage.

Tape Media Roadmap

Tape Racking Solutions

Addition International offer a wide range of media tape storage and multimedia data tape storage solutions.  We provide backup data tape storage solutions for all the popular types of media cartridges including LTO, 9940 3590, SDLT, AIT and more.

These systems lend themselves to both the backup media storage solutions and AV broadcast industry.

  • Simple racking solutions
  • High density media storage solutions
  • Enclosed media storage solutions; that provide maximum protection to the stored media tapes in:
    • Simple drawer media cabinets
    • High density Gemtrac system

Be effective in your tape storage.



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