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Contamination Control & Flooring Systems

Anti Contamination Matting

Addition International lead the very niche market for true contamination matting to minimise foot and wheel borne contamination.

In a sector that is littered with providers of tacky mats, Addition International deliver the market leading surface technical contamination flooring and matting systems and full certification to ISO standards.

  • We partner with specialist providers of flooring and matting systems which have been proven to be the most effective and offer a simple, long lasting and high-performance solution.
  • Our systems are proven to minimise foot and wheel borne contamination.
  • Our systems can save you the time, cost, and downtime, associated with a contamination breach.

Addition International Limited understands your requirement in IT environments and will provide safe and lasting contamination flooring and matting system surfaces.


In independent tests carried out at GlaxoSmithKline it was proven that our systems prevent over 99% of all viable and non-viable foot and wheel borne contamination from entering the critical area.


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