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We provide a market leading service in technical environment cleaning and certification to ISO standards.

Our operating philosophy of understanding a client’s requirement, using extensive risk assessments and health and safety programs lets us technically clean and be trusted by the majority of FTSE 100 companies, Telecoms and Mobile Operators, Financial Institutions, Retail and Travel companies as well as public sector clients such as central and local government including secure Ministry of Defence sites.

Our service is provided by our in house technicians working directly for the partnership and they follow a rigorous training regime to understand the criticality of the equipment in your environment. Our Technicians are trained to recognise all of the equipment in a data hall and work amidst bus bars, VESDA, fire suppression systems, fibre optics, pdu’s, leak detection systems in a live environment.

We provide an end to end service, from site survey to recommendations and proposals to the clean. We work with our clients to determine the best cleaning regime for the budget they have, giving them recommendations on keeping the environment as decontaminated as possible between cleans.

We operate a rapid response and emergency out of hour’s service to give you further peace of mind that we are trusted, skilled and professional. We not only understand the criticality of your facilities and the equipment they house, but we also understand your contractual obligations to customers, both internal and external, stakeholders within your business.

We can help with maintenance strategy and planning to ensure that your cleaning regime keeps the risk of equipment failure to a minimum.


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