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Paper Shredder

If you've done any research into selecting an office shredder you have probably discovered that there are many different types of paper shredders out there.

At Addition International we want you to be satisfied with the shredder you choose. You can do this in three easy steps:

Strip cut shredders

Strip Cut ShredderStrip cut shredders are ideal for personal and small office document disposal.

  • Shred more paper at a time
  • Faster shredding speed
  • Lower maintenance
  • Less expensive

Cross cut shredders

Cross Cut ShredderBest for offices and departments where medium security standards are in practice.

  • Greater security
  • Reduces shredded bulk
  • (About 80% more than strip-cut)

High security shredders

High security shreddersThe most secure shredders than can shred sensitive documents into dust.

  • Super Micro-Cut (SMC)
  • DOD/NSA approved
  • Overheating Protection
  • Energy Saving Mode



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