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Secure IT Destruction & Recycling

Addition International offer a fully, certified, certificated and audited IT destruction and full recycling process, there is no guess work as to where your data has gone.

Data Destruction

Addition International and secure partner process over 1 million items of data media per annum. Our central processing facility and deals with data up to and including TOP SECRET. All work is completed within an ISO 27001 information security management system by security cleared personnel.

All projects completed in line with HMG INFOSEC 5 data security requirements.

We provide:

Onsite and offsite auditing and destruction

This is in the form of physical destruction, degaussing and or wiping of all types of media, including magnetic data tape, optical media, HDD and all types of data holding hardware including mobiles and Blackberry’s, the process is all fully certified and certificated to you the client, for your piece of mind.

Recycle service

 We also offer a recycle service after total data wipe to HMG INFOSEC 5 level for Monitors, PCs and laptops giving you the client some revenue stream back or provide to a charity of your choice.

Our process is supported with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems ensuring compliance with the most stringent policy requirements with ZERO landfill solutions.

Destruction as small as 2mm for all types of media/ HDD ensure all your security requirements will be met

A fully licensed, certified, certificated and audited secure IT and media destruction service, delivered by security cleared personnel at our high security processing facility.



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