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Scan & Document Archive Management

Document Archive Scan

At Addition International we offer our partnered full scan, store retrieve document service and a scan as you go service; all fully certified, certificated and audited service. Keep an accurate track of your documents through your secure portal.

Access crucial information in seconds.

  • With a digital archive for all your documents which can help you streamline your workflows, respond quicker to requests and queries and give better service to the people that matter to your organization.
  • By digitising you will find documents quicker and easier to share across your different departments and offices through our secure cloud-based hosting system enjoying instant, 24/7 access to your information wherever you are in the world. 

Addition International provide:

  • Full pick up of your documents from wherever you are based. Whether it’s a small project of several archive boxes or a large project of several thousand, we can take care of it for you.
  • We take your documents to our state-of-the-art scanning and storage facility.
  • All the documents we scan are processed in full compliance with British Standard Institute BIP0008 (evidential weight and legal admissibility of information stored electronically). This is essential in ensuring the authenticity and content of the scanned images can never be questioned.
  • We work quickly to convert your paper documents into digital images. Then we send these scanned documents to you either electronically or on portable media. You can choose from our online hosting system, FreeDocs, or a file transfer using FTP or SFTP. Or we can return the scanned images to you on CD, DVD, hard drive or memory stick.
  • Depending on what you need, we either take your original paper documents back to your premises, store them in our dedicated storage facility and/or shred and recycle them in line with your document retention policy.
  • We provide a full scan services and scan as you go; to fit your budget.

By switching to a more digital way of working, you’ll cut down the amount of paper you use, save space and time. 



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